About us
Since 2001 Balloons has made a refreshing change in the way things happen in Abu Dhabi. Conceived as a full-service event management company we offer total tangible solutions to all kinds of event needs, be it corporate, individual, large scale or private. We tirelessly strive to achieve flawless execution of events and promise our clients that extra value that strategy, skills and sincerity can create
Our focus is in understanding your needs exactly and delivering results that exceed expectations. Our talented event planners and skilled support personnel develop creative and innovative solutions that are tailor made to client needs with the advantage of flexibility and cost effectiveness. Be it a corporate gala, a wedding reception or an intimate private party, Balloons integrate creative ingenuity and original thinking to make the even an experience to be remembered.
"We do what love, and love what we do"
Balloons Co. is an organization of dedicated people committed to unsurpassed quality, innovation, excellence and value in everything we do. We believe in progressive people management and the personal growth of all our team members.
We are focused on leadership in the market, the industry and our community. As a result of our commitments, we know we will make tomorrow different and better than today. At the heart of our beliefs, we know that corporate wellbeing and growth are a direct result of commitment to principles, people and a moral sense of purpose.
George Asmar
Managing Director